lördag 13 juni 2009

Intressant om Nederländskt integrationstest för anhöriginvandring

NRC Handelsblad har gjort ett intressant reportage om de integrationstest som anhöriginvandrare måste klara av innan de får uppehållstillstånd i Nederländerna.

Since the Integration law was adopted in 2006 potential immigrants are required to take an integration test in their country of origin. Already in 2004, the financial and age criteria were tightened: the Dutch partner has to make at least 120 percent of minimum wage and be over 21-years old. Every month some 650 integration test are taken across the world. Immigrants from European countries, the US, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, South Korea and Japan are exempt.

Examen består av ett språktest och ett kunskapsprov om Nederländerna.

The applicant is supposed to prepare for the exam in the country of origin. There is an integration package which the partner in the Netherlands can mail. The cultural questions are in a booklet and on a DVD. There is a censored version (without the topless sunbathing pictures) and an uncensored one. The Dutch government organises classes in some countries, like Morocco and Turkey, but in most countries the applicants are on their own.

Relaterat: Utredningen om försörjningskrav vid anhöriginvandring lade fram sina förslag i december 2008 och frågan bereds nu i regeringskansliet.

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