onsdag 15 juni 2011

Storbritannien på väg att införa gästarbetarsystem

Storbritanniens migrationsminister Damian Green har presenterat ett nytt förslag för att minska invandringen. Den nya planen innebär bl.a. att invandrare med temporära uppehållstillstånd inte längre ska kunna få permanenta uppehållstillstånd. Förslaget liknar ett gästarbetarsystem.

Migrants who come to the UK to work on temporary visas will no longer be able to apply to remain here permanently, under plans announced by the government on Thursday.

The proposals are part of a package of reforms aimed at reducing immigration to "sustainable levels", the Home Office said.

Under the new plans visas would be reclassified as either "temporary" or "permanent", with stricter criteria for those who want to stay.

There will also be a new English language test for adults wanting to remain in the country for good.

Immigration Minister Damian Green, launching a consultation on the plans on Thursday, said they were aimed at "breaking the link between temporary and permanent migration".

"We want the brightest and best workers to come to the UK, make a strong contribution to our economy while they are here, and then return home."

Anyone earning over £150,000 or whose occupation is of a "specific economic or social value" to the UK, will retain the right to settlement.

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