söndag 20 september 2009

Australien förändrar medborgarskapstestet

Australien införde ett test för blivande medborgare 2007. Syftet är att öka den sociala sammanhållningen. Nu förändras inriktningen så att frågorna mer handlar om värderingar och medborgares rättigheter och skyldigheter.

In the new version of the test, to be rolled out October 19, there will more questions about gender equality, compulsory voting and the Australian legal system.

Under the proposed changes, those taking the test will have to answer 20 multiple-choice questions in English and the passing grade will rise from 60 percent to 75.

Recent studies have found that some prospective citizens had been deterred from applying for citizenship, wrongly fearing they would be deported if they failed the test.

Applicants can take the exam as many times as they like until they pass.

Australien genomför också en förändring i medborgarskapslagen så att det blir enklare för sportstjärnor att bli medborgare.

Foreign-born athletes and some other professionals will soon have their applications for Australian citizenship fast-tracked under draft laws agreed to by the Senate on Wednesday.

The federal government wants to reduce the residency requirements for applicants who "engage in activities that are of benefit to Australia."

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