lördag 19 september 2009


Den socialistiska regeringen i Spanien begränsar möjligheterna till anhöriginvandring.

Spain’s immigration laws will be reformed to ensure “legal and orderly immigration” through steps such as limiting family reunification and punishing those who promote illegal immigration.


Regularisering av illegala invandrare i Belgien.

Belgium began a major operation on Tuesday to grant legal residency status to illegal immigrants who cannot be expelled on humanitarian grounds.

For now, people who have requested asylum and deemed to have waited too long, sometimes more than three or four years, or those living in an "urgent humanitarian situation" or those who have long-term links to Belgium are being considered.

Priority is also given to those who speak French or Dutch, have tried to obtain some form of legal status, or who have a permit to work in Belgium as well as an employment contract.


EU på väg att inrätta en kommissionär för migrationsfrågor.

In an address to the European Parliament before being re-elected for a second term, Barroso said that he would create a Commissioner responsible specifically for Internal Affairs and Immigration and a separate one responsible for Justice, Human Rights and Civil Liberties. Currently all these areas are covered by just one Commissioner.

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