fredag 11 april 2008

Fredagsläsning - internationella nyheter

Invandrare i Storbritannien är för duktiga!

Bittiska The Telegraph skriver att den stora invandring som skett till Storbritannien efter EU-utvidgningen lett till att färre britter arbetar. Professor Rowthorn säger till tidningen att det beror på att invandrarna är för duktiga arbetare:

"We are looking at the most vulnerable, least skilled and in some ways least motivated members of the local workforce. The problem that eastern European migrants pose is that they are good workers."

Polygami finns inte bara i USA, utan också i Italien

AKI skriver om en ökande polygami i Italien:

"Many of my friends have more than one wife here. It is not just Senegalese people. Moroccans and Egyptians are doing it to," said Baba Kar, quoted by La Repubblica.

La Repubblica said Kar first arrived in Italy nine years ago from Senegal without any of his wives. He then brought over his first wife, Fadu, with their three-year-old son.

Once Kar had a work permit, he brought his second wife, Nkeir, to live with him, Fadu and their son in a two-roomed 60 square metre flat in the northern city of Brescia, the paper said.

Fadu admitted to being jealous at first when Nkeir joined her and Kar. "But then I got over it. This is how things are for us Senegalese," she said, quoted by La Repubblica.

"The Koran says I can have up to four wives. I observe my religion, and I have never had any problems with the Italian state," said Kar


Läs en lång artikel i The Economist om den turkiska minoritetsgruppen i Tyskland.

Plötsligt söker 850 kineser asyl i Nederländerna.

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