tisdag 3 juni 2008

Alla vägar leder till Sverige

Washington Times skriver om hur irakier smugglas till Sverige.

The refugee at the bar in Rinkeby and two of his friends spoke to The Washington Times. All declined to have their names published for fear of attracting unwanted official attention.

But all three willingly discussed the illicit travels by air, land and sea that brought them to Sweden. They all started in Syria, but took completely different routes.

Rutt 1

The first man traveled first to Nigeria, where a man waiting in the airport's transit area put a falsified European visa in his passport, and he then boarded a flight to Amsterdam. The visa admitted him to the so-called Schengen zone, where passport-free travel is possible in 29 European countries.

It was on that flight that the man threw his passport into the toilet. He had to eliminate all evidence he was from Iraq so he could not be returned there. He adopted the new name of Rami.

To confuse the Dutch officers even more, he wandered in the transit area at the Amsterdam airport for two days so they could not identify the flight on which he had arrived. When he surrendered, the authorities detained him for more than a day without food, he said, and then sent him to a refugee-holding facility about three hours away.

"From there, another smuggler came to get me and drove me to Germany," and then on to Sweden

Rutt 2

The refugee's two friends are a few years younger, though all three are in their 20s. One of them flew from Syria to Malaysia, and then on to Hungary, where he got a fake Swedish passport.

Rutt 3

The other was the most adventurous of the three; he made his way to Turkey and swam about 400 yards to a Greek island. It took him a month to obtain a fake Swedish passport, after which he flew to Denmark and took a train to Sweden.

Tänk att Sverige är så underbart att alla vägar leder hit.

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