tisdag 20 december 2011

Opinionsundersökning om invandrare och integration i Kanada

Trudeau Foundation har beställt en opinionsundersökning om attityder till invandring och integration i Kanada. Undersökning visar att inrikes och utrikes födda kanadensare är överens om det mesta, bland annat att kulturell anpassning är viktigare är frågor som rör ekonomi och självförsörjning. Några av slutsatserna som lyfts fram:

• The Canadian public is more likely than not to believe that immigrants are doing well in fitting into their new country, with respect to finding gainful employment, participating in civic institutions like voting, and adopting Canadian values.

• There is broad agreement about what should be required of new immigrants who want to live in Canada. At the top of the list are: adopting Canadian values of tolerance and gender equity; accepting the preeminence of Canadian law over religious laws; and becoming familiar with Canadian history and culture. By comparison, the public is more forgiving in terms of expecting immigrants to become economically self-sufficient within their first year.

• While most immigrants settle in the country’s three largest urban centres, most Canadians believe it would be best for everyone if immigrants were evenly distributed across the country. Views are notably similar among residents of urban and rural communities.

• Canadians place the highest priority on immigrants who qualify based on education and employability, and least so on political refugees. Opinions are divided on the current policy of increasing the proportion of temporary foreign workers.

• The opinions of immigrants surveyed are notably similar to those of native-born Canadians.

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