fredag 2 april 2010

Om Geert Wilders och hans frihetspart

Sign and Sight har översatt en artikel från tyska av Hans Maarten van den Brink om Geert Wilders och hans framgångar i Nederländerna: Compromise, consensus and knee-capping.

His views do not follow the usual scheme of left and right. A self-proclaimed admirer of Ariel Sharon and Margaret Thatcher, Wilders is also taking on the world banks, the liberalisation of the job market and the rising retirement age. He wants to close borders, disputes EU jurisdictions, and believes (like the Social Democrats) that the Netherlands has done enough in Afghanistan. At the same time, he tirelessly beats a drum for universal human rights, particularly for women and homosexuals. He believes Dutch culture should be protected from foreign influence and that cultural and welfare subsides should be axed, and more state money handed out to pensioners, animals, the disabled and the police.

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