söndag 14 februari 2010

Dåliga förhållanden i Frankrike lockar asylsökande till Skandinavien

Earth Times skriver om afghanska migranter i Paris som lever under usla förhållanden. Många tvingas bo på gatan. Det verkar närmast uppenbart att den franska regeringen, genom att ha ett uselt asylmottagningssystem, försöker locka bort migranter från Frankrike till exempelvis Skandinavien.

Immigration Minister Eric Besson claimed that the presence of many homeless Afghans in this northern district of Paris was the result of a breakdown in the people-smuggling network and not a reflection on the French government's treatment of asylum seekers.

"Most of them are in transit, en route for Britain or northern Europe," he said.

Of the 15 or so migrants huddling around the fire, only four are in transit. The four boys, ages 12 to 15, had arrived in Paris just days earlier. They have no intention of remaining, one insists.

"I have seen life in France," he says. "I don't like it here. I'm going to Denmark or Sweden or Norway."

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