tisdag 1 december 2009

Kontrakt för gemensamma värderingar i Tyskland

Tyska regeringen tänker inrätta ett kontrakt för nyanlända invandrare där de som invandrar måste skriva på ett kontrakt om att de accepterar samhällets gemensamma värderingar, såsom yttrandefrihet och kvinnors lika rättigheter.

Newcomers should learn German and uphold values such as freedom of speech and sexual equality, said Commissioner for Immigration Maria Boehmer. In return, immigrants could expect "help and support", Dr Boehmer said.

"We will draw up contracts with new immigrants," said Dr Boehmer. "In those contracts will be set out what they can expect in terms of support and help. But they will also set out what we can expect from immigrants.

"Everyone who wants to live and work here long term must say 'Yes' to our country. And for that we need a commonly accepted set of values. "These include a good knowledge of the German language, but also a readiness to take part in society."

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