tisdag 1 december 2009

Finland har blivit ett invandringsland

Finland tar nuförtiden emot minst lika många flyktingar som Danmark. Det börjar märkas i samhället, med bland annat etnisk boendesegregation som följd. Men, som de påpekar i Helsingin Sanomat, situationen är långt från den i t.ex. Sverige.

Today Hakunila and a dozen or so other Finnish suburbs are becoming real immigrant districts at an accelerating tempo. Other suburbs gathering large numbers of people of foreign origin include Varissuo in Turku, Espoon Keskus in Espoo, and Helsinki’s Meri-Rastila.

But what kind of districts are they turning into?

In other Nordic countries, including Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, there are areas where riots caused by frustrated immigrants often break out. On the other hand, today in Stockholm’s district of Rinkeby the streets are clean and fairly safe, while life is peaceful, even though the area's density of residents of immigrant origin is as high as 89 %. Another Swedish suburb, Rosengård in Malmö, where the proportion of immigrants is 94 %, has experienced plenty of vandalism and many riots, the most recent one being from 2007. Some 62 % of Rosengård’s working age residents are unemployed, and the blocks of rental flats are run-down, while a Danish criminal organisation is allegedly recruiting members in the district.

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