torsdag 25 juni 2009

Allt du vill veta om integration i Schweiz - och lite till

Julie Schindall har för Migration Information Source räkning skrivit en lång artikel, Switzerland's Non-EU Immigrants: Their Integration and Swiss Attitudes, om migrations- och integrationspolitiken i Schweiz. Precis som i så många europeiska länder är arbetsmarknadsintegrationen bristfällig och migrationspolitiken har blivit mer restriktiv.

In terms of education, as of 2007, 20.0 percent of foreign adults age 18 to 24 had not received a high school diploma and were not enrolled in higher education, compared to 5.0 percent of Swiss nationals in the same age group, according to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office.

Immigrants from the EU-27 countries experience significantly lower unemployment levels than workers from other countries. Unemployment rates among EU-27 country citizens in Switzerland was 4 percent in 2007 versus 14 percent for non-EU-27 country citizens. Among Swiss citizens, the 2007 unemployment rate was 2.7 percent.

While EU-27 citizens and Swiss citizens have similar levels of highly skilled employment, immigrants from Turkey and the Balkans represent a notable portion of unskilled laborers in Switzerland.

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