tisdag 8 februari 2011

Stor opinionsundersökning om attityder till invandring och invandrare

Transatlantic Trends: Immigration är ett projekt som sedan 2008 genomför opinionsundersökningar om attityderna till invandring och invandrare i USA, Storbritannien, Spanien, Frankrike, Nederländerna och Kanada.

Årets undersökning visar bland annat:

* Immigration as a Problem or an Opportunity:
Perceptions of immigration as a problem or opportunity have showed little variance since 2008, the first year of the survey. Majorities in the United States, the U.K., and Spain still saw immigration as a problem, while French, German, Dutch, and Italian respondents remained divided. Canadians continued to see immigration as an opportunity.

Economic Hardship and Attitudes:
Among unemployed Europeans, 43% believed immigrants take jobs from natives; the average in Europe was 35%. In the United States, 63% of those whose financial situation worsened in 2010 saw immigrants as a threat in the job market jobs, more than the average of 56%.

Perceived Fiscal Burden:
Overall, majorities or pluralities in all countries polled believed that immigrants benefit more from health and welfare services than they contribute in taxes. Spain and the United States had the highest proportion agreeing with this statement (both 67%).

Immigrant Integration:
Most in Europe held unfavorable views on the state of immigrant integration. Spain was the only country with a slight majority (54%) saying that immigrants are integrating well. North Americans held a more positive view, with 59% of Americans and 65% of Canadians claiming that immigrants are integrating well.

Second-Generation Muslims:
Integration of the children of Muslim migrants was viewed favorably in Canada (66%), the United States (62%), Italy (60%), the U.K. (59%), and the Netherlands (56%). France was split, with 50% answering likewise, while the Spanish (42%) and Germans (36%) indicated that second-generation Muslims were not integrating well.

Läs mer om resultaten av undersökningen i Deutsche Welle, Daily Mail och Canada.com.

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