torsdag 3 december 2009

Malta får EU:s gemensamma asylkontor

Ytterligare ett steg på vägen mot en EU-gemensam asylpolitik har tagits genom att ett kontor för asyl, European Asylum Support Office (EASO), upprättas på Malta.

The aim of EASO is to facilitate, coordinate and strengthen practical cooperation among member sates in the field of asylum and improve the implementation of the EU’s Common European Asylum System.

The office will support EU member states in their efforts to implement a more consistent and fair asylum policy, for example by helping to identify good practices, organising training at European level and improving access to accurate information on countries of origin.

It will also be responsible for coordinating support teams made up of national experts that will be deployed at the request of member states faced with a mass influx of asylum seekers into their territory.

It will also provide scientific and technical assistance for the development of asylum policy and legislation.

The office will be set up in the form of an agency, an independent European body. The commission and the member states will be represented on the management board, which will be the office’s governing body.

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